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What is social CRM?

Social or Social CRM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) It is the integration of social media channels (such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) into CRM platforms. Nowadays, the world spends most of the time on social media whether at home or at work. So, understanding how to handle your organization’s social media posts, customer profiles, customer sentiment, and service priorities is very important. Social CRM acts as a multi-purpose software tool that manages your company’s online presence, handles social posting, and enables merchants to stay in touch with customers using social channels in order to help your business with marketing, sales and service.

Some of the key notable features of Social CRM include: personal customer profile analysis, social listening, social selling, sentiment analysis, synchronization of all social media platforms in one social CRM.

How is traditional CRM different from social CRM?

Apparently, social CRMs may look similar to regular ones CRMs which also focus on social media interactions.

But the former has a few notable similarities and differences when compared to the latter.

So, to some extent, Social CRM is different from traditional CRM.

How do you get leads from social media?

Once you establish a social media presence, people will be constantly aware of your brand. So, the next step is to focus on generating leads from this social presence, so that your sales team can reach out to them and see if they can be converted into customers.

What is the best social media platform I should use?

The best lead generation platform is the platform your customers use. Having said that, most people agree that Facebook is the best social media generation site as more than 2.45 billion people use Facebook every month. There are also a few tools that Facebook offers to collect leads on its platform.

On a side note, HelloLeads offers a built-in integration with Facebook, where you can integrate your Facebook account with HelloLeads, to turn your Facebook leads into customers. Instantly capture all your Facebook ad campaign in HelloLeads and automate the assignment of those leads to your team members. You can capture leads through notes and requests for easy tracking and follow-up.

Not just Facebook, over 80% of B2B marketers, for example, rely on LinkedIn for lead generation.

So, next time, before starting a social media lead campaign, make sure you are aware of the stats and facts of different social platforms, and their customer base. If it aligns with your target market, it will probably be a good fit.

social listening

listen before you speak – You may be familiar with this saying.

It is essential for your brand to listen to the audience. What issues do they have in mind? How can you help solve their problems?

Social listening is the process of observing Social media Channels to see and understand what the market is talking about in general and follow mentions of your brand, competitors and product. Social listening is all you need to do to increase customer acquisition.

Through social listening, you can create the kind of content your followers/customers actually want, come up with new ideas based on industry trends, and improve customer experience through direct interaction with customers, thus constantly changing your business strategy and communication strategy to suit current market needs.

Social CRM, not only allows sales people to talk directly with people, but also enables them to listen in on what people are discussing with each other. With social listening, you will be able to reach out and respond to anyone who has a question or problem.

social selling

Social selling is the art of leveraging your social media presence and connections to identify, communicate, communicate, understand and nurture sales opportunities.

If your brand has a LinkedIn profile, an Instagram page, a Facebook business page, or a professional Twitter account, you’ve already built your social selling platform.

On the other hand, social selling is not just about adding contacts to your social media account, it is also about creating and building relationships and listening at the right time to join the conversation so you can offer yourself or your services as a solution to a problem. The goal is to address the constant need to make a potential customer’s life easier instead of becoming just another online nuisance to ignore.

sentiment analysis

Social media sentiment analysis helps to know what your competitors and other companies think of your brand and business. It simply refers to natural language processing and text analytics to determine the position of the writer/speaker regarding a particular topic.

Sentiment analysis is often based on documents relating to the “Voice of the Customer” – eg, reviews, survey answers, and Social media Posts – and measures sentiment according to the emotional ‘polarity’ of words, phrases, and documents. It is contextual and can qualify sentiment words with regard to modifying parts of speech or phrases and the overall concept of a text.

Sentiment analysis can be automated for large batches of text, such as online reviews, blogs, online news, and social media. However, current sentiment analysis solutions still use a human analytics component. People do not always agree on the interpretation of a particular statement or document. By current standards, more accurate algorithms can produce correct sentiment analyzes equivalent to the human attunement rate.

On another side note, the experts at HelloLeads understand the reach of messaging apps like WhatsApp in the business world. With HelloLeads, you can connect with potential customers instantly in WhatsApp. You can pre-configure WhatsApp messages based on your business needs, and send customized WhatsApp messages to your prospects and clients

Thus, CRM from social media enables organizations to extend their sales, marketing, and customer support capabilities into social media channels in several distinct ways, providing you with a 360-degree view of customers and their needs.


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