CRM + G Suite = More Deals

“Building a good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design.” – Claire Scott

In today’s competitive business world, nothing is more important than customer experience. If you want your customers to stay with you for the long term, you need a reliable way to manage your relationships with your customers.

a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) A tool that helps you manage and improve customer relationship. Similarly, the business and productivity tool of Google and G Suite (Google Workspace) which includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, etc. allows easy collaboration and enables your team to work in collaborative mode and even remotely. Hence, integrating your CRM with G Suite takes your small business one step further in improving teamwork and productivity which in turn leads to more deals.

In this small business guide, we’ll walk you through the benefits of integrating G Suite with CRM and the features of G-Suite CRMs

Benefits of integrating G Suite with your CRM?

  • Saves time: It avoids duplicate records so checking information is quick and easy.
  • Strengthens the relationship with customers: Respond to customers quickly as it syncs and stores customer information in one place.
  • Improves sales: Helps the team work smarter and better
  • Automatically record tasks, calls, emails and meetings in CRM: Automatically record all sales activities giving you a complete history of calls, emails, contacts, deals, files, upcoming tasks and meetings.
  • Track email opens, clicks, and engagements in your CRMAutomatically capture leads’ clicks, opens, and other email posts in your CRM automatically by syncing your G-Suite and CRM.
  • Keeps documents up to date: Changes are saved automatically and updated data is preserved.

What features do G-Suite CRMs provide?

1. Easily manage documents by syncing your CRM with Google Drive

You can easily keep all your business documents by syncing your google drive with file CRM. You can create and edit documents from anywhere.

You can easily update document information and share it with your team so that everyone in the organization can access it.

2. Efficient communication management

You can manage all your contacts in one main list by syncing your Google Contacts with CRM. Synchronizing these contact lists regularly helps you get relevant and updated contact information.

3. Improves productivity by syncing emails with CRM

Find an email from your inbox or switch between Gmail and CRM It becomes a time consuming task. By syncing Gmail with your CRM, you can easily manage your emails and keep your conversations organized.

4. Get notified on time by syncing Google Calendar

Today almost everyone uses Google Calendar to remind themselves of important meetings and tasks. By syncing your CRM with Google Calendar, you are notified of all your work including due dates, project milestones, and events thus improving productivity.

Take your business to the next level with G Suite CRM

merge your CRM With G Suite it increases the productivity and efficiency of your sales force and helps drive sales.


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