Top 10 ways to leverage HelloLeads CRM

Every business is concerned with increasing the customer base and accelerating sales.

Growing your customer base includes two important aspects that every small business must relate to. one is getting new clients The other one keeps current customers. To achieve these two goals, small businesses are looking for techniques that can be beneficial – converting leads into customers and maintaining the relationship from there.

This is the reason for the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) CRM tools have become an inevitable part of the sales armoury.

HelloLeads CRM for your small business

Because of its simplicity, ease of use, and reasonable costs, HelloLeads CRM It is best suited for small and medium businesses.

HelloLeads is a simple and smart CRM system that helps small and medium businesses in… Capture leads, track leads, and manage leads. The solution is cloud-based and mobile-based. The platform specializes in transforming and resolving the struggle of every sales professional in managing lead information and scheduling sales follow-up. HelloLeads helps sales teams improve conversion rates by providing deeper insights into prospects, driving quick lead response, and optimizing the upselling system.

This is amazing All-in-one CRM software Offers you the tools and capabilities you need to increase engagement with prospects and potential customers at every opportunity, whether at trade shows, fairs (other marketing venues), field sales, channel partners, web inquiries, trade sites, social media marketing, and other sources. different.

Here are the top 10 ways how small businesses can use HelloLeads CRM effectively to manage sales leads.

1. A central repository of leads from multiple sources
2. HelloLeads for events/trade shows
3. Do “FSFU”
4. Qualification and prioritization
5. Lead conversation track
6. Find leads near your current location
7. Share quotes on the go!
8. Track sales in real time
9. HelloLeads integrates with (almost) everything
10. Marketing automation

1. A central repository of leads from multiple sources

Maintaining a lead database in Excel or by writing it down in notebooks is a tedious task. Moreover, getting all leads in one place is very difficult especially if you are taking website inquiries or by running ad campaigns in social media platforms. But with HelloLeads, you can add leads from any source – such as channel partners, web inquiries, social media platforms (Facebook Lead Generation Ads), field sales, trade sites, fairs, exhibitions, and trade shows.

The platform gives you a complete picture of your business performance by consolidating your industry leading data into a single repository. Adding leads is simplified with features such as web and mobile lead form, digital and web inquiry, lead import from Excel, mobile business card scanning, mobile QR code scanning, and copying contacts from your mobile phone.

2. HelloLeads for events/trade shows

Nowadays, there are a number of exhibitions for SMEs to expand their business in almost all countries. Traditionally, companies that offer, used to jot down visitor details in Excel or notebooks which results in a longer lead response and may even end up in poor Sales conversion.

With that in mind, we came up with a CRM solution called HelloLeads.

Reports indicate that responding to a lead within 3 to 5 minutes has a higher probability of converting that lead into a customer.

Meteorite lead response: With HelloLeads, one can instantly capture visitor details either by scanning a business card/QR code and instantly respond to leads. Whenever a visitor is added as a lead in HelloLeads, an auto-generated welcome email and SMS will be sent to that visitor. Email and SMS intro content can be customized and predefined.

3. Do “FSFU”

In the initial stage, it is easy for small and medium businesses to manage and follow up on their potential customers. But as they grow larger, generate more leads and build more relationships, it’s much more difficult to do scheduled follow-ups with each lead without a proper follow-up tool like HelloLeads. Spreadsheets, sticky notes, and word documents aren’t just cut to task.

At HelloLeads, we mean to say FSFU”Fail-safe follow-ups“.

On-time follow-up reminder alarms in HelloLeads mobile ensure the salesperson never misses a follow-up. Frequent follow-ups It can also be set weekly, monthly or quarterly.

44% of sales are abandoned by people after one follow-up.

Follow-up adds value to the service or product a customer has purchased from you and gives you an opportunity to build a relationship that may lead to additional sales from the same consumer and referrals to more leads.

4. Qualification and prioritization

Stop wasting time on unsolicited offers while qualifying your lead
Focus your sales efforts on leads who meet your quality standards.

In addition to getting contact details of your leads with HelloLeads, you can qualify and prioritize leads based on their profile, actions, behavior and also based on deep value-added information such as Lead Potentiality, Customer Group (C-Group), Stage of the lead, Interest in your products or service, and planned budget.

Data analytics on C-Group, interest and lead stage supports better customer tracking and provides actionable insights. This enables you to make smarter, more informed business decisions to improve your sales.

  • Use bullet points to filter out unimportant leads
  • Ignore invalid threads at the point of origin
  • Use email and phone number verification tools

5. Lead conversation track

Track what you and your sales team have communicated with the customer in real time. Record or record your conversation or email details shared with your customer.

You are also notified of every comment posted by you or the sales team via email. With the Comments and Attach File options in HelloLeads, you can update and track all your conversation with the customer and details (for example, a quote). This feature helps you to assign the lead to the sales team accordingly so that they can follow up on a regular basis.

6. Find leads near your current location

View leads in a map – Helping you locate potential clients in map view, where you can connect with potential clients nearby for a potential meeting.

7. Share quotes on the go!

“Desktops/laptops are no longer needed to create quotes/invoices”

With HelloLeads mobile app, you can generate Quotes / Invoices within 2 minutes and share them with your customers via WhatsApp / Email.

The prompt suggestion will act as a selling tool and increase the likelihood of closing those sales immediately. This also reduces the chance that this customer will be allowed to compete with you.

8. Track sales in real time

With HelloLeads custom analytics, you can be able to track which sales rep connected to which lead. With filters in analytics, you can create sales reports with which you can track who generates more sales in the team. Hence, you can accurately monitor your team’s efforts and encourage performance improvement for each member.

9. HelloLeads integrates with (almost) everything

Flexibility to push and pull data

Most small businesses may not even have their own website instead they are on classified websites and third party listing portals. Collecting all the leads from different third party portals is very difficult. But with HelloLeads API Integrations, you can integrate HelloLeads with any third-party system.

10. Marketing automation

Also HelloLeads is a stretch All in one CRMAlso, it has marketing automation features. It is available for small and medium businesses to run email campaigns and SMS campaigns within the same solution.

No need to buy a separate email marketing tool

  • hello e-mail: It is a bulk email service where you can create number “number” of email templates and send up to 1000 emails per day.

NB: The SMTP configuration feature allows you to send email messages from your work email domain.

  • Hi SMS: is a bulk text messaging service where you can send your favorite SMS content up to 10,000 text messages per day.


All in all, for increased customer numbers and high revenue growth, what a small business needs today is a smart, simple, and effective CRM tool that will make lead management easy and double the fun of selling!


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